STOR Orzechowscy Spółka Jawna

STOR Orzechowscy Spółka Jawna

Wyjątkowe dekoracje ogrodów, parków, hoteli

Fontanny, figury, wazony, lampy, meble ogrodowe...

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About Us

Our company

Our history started in 1988 from manufacturing balusters and vases. In a short time we discovered, that there is a great demand on this kind of products on our west neighbour's market. Germany started to be our main market.

In 1992 we changed our legal form to limited company (Ltd.) and the name to STOR®, from the first letters of the name and the surname of the founder - STanisław ORzechowski, who is running the company from the beginning till today.

As the years went by we were introducing new categories of products and entering new markets. Nowadays we sell our products in most of european countries, having in our offer hundreds of products. Trying to cope with Your expectations every year we extend our offer by several dozen new products.

All the time we develope our manufacturing technology. Today we are able to manufacture every product, starting from the smallest decorative ornaments, maintaining all the details, to monumental fountains and columns.

Our products

In our offer you will find few hundreds different items, such as: water-fountains, vases, flowerbeds, garden figurines, animal figurines, busts, garden furniture, and also balusters, columns and stucco works / ornaments.

Figurines, vases, flowerbeds will take usage in arrangement of gardens, parks, living quarters, public buildings, etc.

Water-fountains create main decorations of gardens, parks, hotels, public buildings, etc. They are excellent decors creating irreplaceable atmosphere, increasing, at the same time, humidity of the rooms. Because of large overall dimensions and reasonable weight, water-fountains are made of units, what makes transport and assembly much easier. Optionally, all water-fountains can be equipped with pumps (together with complete sets of hoses and tees) working in closed cycle (consumption of electricity is 10 -20 Watts). The requirement for pumps is to be indicated in the order. There is no need for current water in the area of placing the water-fountain, because to fill the fountain, depending on its size, one needs 10 -50 litres of water working in closed cycle. So, there is only a need to make up for the water evaporated.

Columns, balusters and stucco works are used, mainly, in outer decorations of buildings, fencing and also in period interiors. Sample columns shown in our offer are, in fact, only suggestions, because we make them in accordance to exact order of a Customer (the proper height). Elements of bigger columns are empty inside, what makes their weight lower and assembling easier, after which the whole column is filled with concrete thus constituting a monolith.

Our products are offered in two kinds of cement (white and grey) and in few colour finishes: antique, antique-yellow, antique-blue, white, granite, braun and brass.

Our quality

The main measure of our quality is Your satisfaction. That's way besides rigorous norms in manufacturing process providing unique visual effects and wieloletnią trwałość produktów, not less important for us is Your satisfaction from the way of cooperation with us.

The products, manufactured by us, are made of high grade, vibrated concrete, resistant to all kinds of weather conditions (frost, rain, sunshine). The quality of beton is systematically examined by specialised laboratory. Our products are reinforced where necessary (for example bowls of fountains).

Trying to cope with Your expectations every year we introduce several dozen new products. Some of them are classical designs, others are prepared by our artists.

For promptness and punctuality of manufacturing and supply is responsible, among others, our specialised IT system (ERP/MRPII). Thanks to that You have a certainty that Your orders will always be completed on time.

In addition we offer You attractive terms of cooperation, high quality catalogues (printed and in electronic version), consultancy when posting individual orders, optional equipment to our products (for example pumps with hoses to our water-fountains) and other complementary materials, like diagrams for mounting water-fountains.